So long Jekyll, Hello Hugo

Jul 30, 2017 08:43 · 171 words · 1 minute read writing

I had been maintaining a blog in Jekyll, but it seemed like overkill - so much time spent looking for images, figuring out front-matter, tweaking settings. I was trying to squeeze 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bad.

Phil Sturgeon posed a question on Twitter ISO a new blog platform. He didn’t want to pay for Medium (I can’t blame him) and wanted something simple.

One platform that kept coming up in the replies was Hugo so I decided to take a look at it and loved what I saw. It’s as easy as Jekyll, but seemed to simplify all the areas that I made too complex. Within an hour this morning I was up and running locally.

I still need to setup the hosting environment and repoint the DNS, but so far so good across the board.

I’ll probably port a couple of old posts over to this for testing purposes, but I think this will be exactly what I’m looking for to support some quick blog posts.