Pausing Social Media Again

Aug 1, 2017 07:32 · 217 words · 2 minutes read writing

One of my resolutions in the New Year was to pause social media. I lasted a few days away from Twitter; significantly longer for other social media. By July I was back on all of the “standard” social media apps and time-wasting sites:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Reddit

Coincidentally, my energy level, focus, attention to detail and overall mood all took a hit in July.

It doesn’t help that our President uses social media to get his “unique” message out to the country, and it really doesn’t help that his “unique” message comes with an exhausting level of hate and vitriol.

I found myself begging for a break from all of it, but unable to look away.

The push I needed was on a podcast, that I ironically discovered on Twitter. Jeffrey Way tweeted this yesterday and I listened to it last night:

It was the push I needed. Last night, I deleted all social media apps from my iPhone and iPad. I downloaded a couple new books onto my Kindle app, I bookmarked a few articles to read and I decided to once again pause my social media habit.

As with the last time, I don’t know how long this self-imposed exile will last, but it’s been 18 hours and I actually feel cleaner and healthier.