Journey Through New Languages

Aug 12, 2017 12:07 · 352 words · 2 minutes read development

Earlier this week I hit a roadblock. I was frustrated with my chosen tech stack and felt like I was missing out on a much broader world of opportunities. I started down a new path of researching Elm and React with a promise to myself to learn something new.

After an hour with React it was obvious that the barrier to entry to get comfortable with the language was too high. If I suddenly find myself with a project where I absolutely need React I’ll invest a weekend to achieve at least a minimal understanding, but for this exercise I wanted to dive in, get comfortable, and have something to show for my efforts within a week.

Enter Elm

After an hour with Elm I was able to do that. I handed over $49 to Nicole at Mike at The Pragmatic Studio and spent an evening going through their step by step guide to learn the concepts and some of the syntax. It all clicked, but what’s better, it opened my eyes to a huge community of developers that I wasn’t aware of. My dive into Elm led me to Elixir, Erlang and Phoenix.

And Why Not Elixir

I enjoyed the teaching style of Mike and Nicole so much that I added their Elixir course to my account and have been working through that. A ton of it is above my head and I have a feeling that I’ll be re-watching a lot of these, but discovering the language and community has been a breath of fresh air.

If we’re using Elixir, let’s use Phoenix

I’m coming to this new world from the relative comfort of a PHP framework - Laravel. I don’t know enough about Phoenix yet to say that it’s a replacement for Laravel (or Rails for that matter), but developing on top of Phoenix feels similar to developing within Laravel

Next Steps

I have a ton of bookmarked links saved in my Todoist account. I’m going to plow through as much as I can through the weekend until Sue is home tomorrow night.

I've got some reading to do