Make Quinoa In The Rice Cooker

Aug 3, 2017 08:03 · 290 words · 2 minutes read cooking

I spent 44 years of my life oblivious to quinoa. For 43 of those years I had never even heard of it. I didn’t discover it until I was at a family cookout and someone brought a quinoa salad.

In all honesty, the salad was pretty bad. The person who brought it overcooked the quinoa. The consistency was closer to rice pudding than anything resembling what quinoa is supposed to be, but it opened my eyes to a new potential side dish.

I didn’t actually attempt to make it on my own until this spring when I was looking for new/different ways to justify the cost of my Zojirushi Rice Cooker. The concepts are basically the same - add liquid to something, set a timer, eat. Seems simple.

A few google searches later I discovered that it wasn’t quite so simple. There’s no end to blogs and vlogs telling you how to cook quinoa in a rice cooker. Some say 1 cup of liquid. Some say 2 cups. Some say water and salt. Other say chicken broth. Some will say to cook for 15 minutes, 30 minutes .. it was a little overwhelming.

Here’s how I make it and it turns out great every time

This is all you need

  • I use chicken broth. (I’m going to try vegetable broth next time)
  • I buy the quinoa from Trader Joe’s because it’s the cheapest
  • I rinse it with the mesh strainer
  • for every 1 cup of quinoa I add 1.5 cups of chicken broth
  • I set the rice cooker to white rice (it’s the 60 minute setting)
  • I walk away until the rice cooker tells me it’s done (usually 45-50 minutes)

The Zojirushi takes all the guess work out of this.